Vaginal labiaplasty

The lips you want.
Minimally invasive technique.

rejuvenecimiento Vaginal labiaplasty
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rejuvenecimiento vaginal Vaginal labiaplasty

What does the procedure consist of?

rejuvenecimiento vaginal Vaginal labiaplasty

After an individualized assessment, we will explain which procedure will be the most recommended in your case.

Labiaplasty for rejuvenation or remodeling is a minimally invasive surgery, which is performed under local anesthesia, on an outpatient basis, with minimal pain and rapid recovery, which consists of the surgical remodeling of the female genitalia minora by means of partial resection of the same to achieve a more youthful appearance or correct the shape that the patient does not want (generally hypertrophied or asymmetric lips).

Sometimes a reshaping of the clitoral hood is also carried out to maintain an anatomical and aesthetic balance with the resected lips, without affecting clitoral sensitivity.

How is the postoperative?

The stitches used are resorbable, so they fall off on their own, not having to worry…

Will I have an alteration in sensitivity?

Whether you perform labia minora surgery or accompanied by cap recession…

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You can request an appointment in our office or by videoconference, or if you wish to contact us through the contact form. We will clarify your doubts.

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