Urinary incontinence
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Minimally invasive. High efficiency rate.
In less than 10 minutes.

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What does the procedure consist of?

After an individualized assessment by an expert urologist in pelvic floor, we will explain which procedure will be the most recommended in your case.

The treatment of female urinary incontinence using Exilis 360 Radiofrequency is a state-of-the-art therapy, non-invasive, without surgery, without admission, without pain, without the need for anesthesia and without the need for subsequent recovery.

In just 2-3 sessions of just 8 minutes each, the treatment manages to recover the loss of tone that over the years and with childbirth occurs in the walls of the vagina, responsible in part for the loss of urine in women.

This tightening effect on the structures of the pelvic floor, together with an increase in the production of collagen in the vaginal walls and around the urethra, allow the structures that are responsible for urinary continence to recover.

Thus, it is a treatment approved by the F.D.A., with scientifically proven results, non-invasive, without surgery and effective for mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence, which allows to solve urine losses.

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Treatment with Radiofrequency EXILIS ULTRA FEMME 360 not only corrects urinary incontinence, at the same time it also allows treating vaginal atrophy caused by the lack of estrogens that occurs after menopause, or by other medical problems, recovering the thickness of the vaginal walls, improving vaginal discomfort during sexual intercourse without the need for estrogen administration (especially important in women with a history of gynecological cancer who cannot use these drugs).

This effect allows, at the same time, to solve or reduce the recurrence of recurrent urinary infections in women with this problem.

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Treatment with Radiofrequency EXILIS ULTRA FEMME 360 is also an effective treatment for pain secondary to episiotomy after childbirth, produced by subcutaneous adhesions that causes the internal planes to remain adhered and fixed, causing pain due to the entrapment of nerve endings and their traction. on adjacent structures. Treatment with EXILIS breaks these fibers and stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin allowing internal remodeling, improving fibrosis, adhesions and pain, being able to completely solve the problem in a large proportion of patients.

Results supported by scientific studies. Device for aesthetic medical treatment with indications for body and face lifting, vaginal rejuvenation and treatment of urinary incontinence approved by the F.D.A.

Best Aesthetic Medicine Device for Female Vaginal Rejuvenation Award at the 2017 Aesthetic Industry Awards.

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fondo gris2 2 1 Urinary incontinence without surgery
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What is Exilis Ultra Femme 360?

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It is the first and only family of premium quality devices, approved by the FDA, that combines radio frequency and HIFU ultrasound to tighten the skin and treat the parts of the body that concern patients.

It is the fastest radiofrequency treatment on the market – it only takes 8 minutes for each intravaginal treatment.

Since the heating is carried out at a lower temperature compared to the ablative laser, there is no risk of infection or secretions.

How is the treatment?

Treatment is done on an outpatient basis. No pre or post anesthetic is required…

What does the treatment feel like?

As ULTRA FEMME 360 heats the treatment area evenly, you will perceive a…

What effects are achieved?

  • Wholesale Lip Filler
  • Minor Lips Firming

Is the procedure safe?

The EXILIS ULTRA FEMME 360 procedure meets strict safety standards. The integrated control system…

How many sessions are necessary?

Each patient is an individual case that requires evaluation and study…

How long will it take to see the results?

The patients claim to perceive improvements after a single session. The results…

What sets Exilus Ultra Femme 360 apart?

ULTRA FEMME 360 can treat internal and external female intimate area…

Are there any side effects or periods of rest?

No rest period is required with ULTRA FEMME 360. The Procedure…

For any additional information about the procedure and EXILIS ULTRA FEMME 360 we invite you to visit the website: https://www.btlaesthetics.com/es/ultra-femme-360

Also, if you wish, you can consult real testimonies about EXILIS ULTRA FEMME 360 in RealSelf, página más importante de revisiones de tratamientos médicos estéticos a nivel internacional.

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We are pioneers in the Valencian Community in offering this treatment, being the only center that has EXILIS ULTRA FEMME 360 for vaginal treatment.

You can request an appointment in our office or by videoconference, or if you wish to contact us through the contact form. We will clarify your doubts.

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Our urologist, Dr. Alejandro Molina
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