For the correct unleashing of passion and sensuality it is necessary that the senses are trained. The senses are the channel through which information enters and through which a response will be achieved. The more trained we have the senses, the more we can enjoy.

The senses if we do not have them controlled will obtain information that is not relevant at that moment and instead of helping us to enjoy, they can distract us.

How important is each sense?

The sight, the visualization of another or other people who conform to the canons of beauty that prevail at the time can initiate the answer. Babies have even been seen to spend longer looking at aesthetically more beautiful faces and to play longer with dolls with less ugly faces. Although not only the culture influences the beauty that causes the erotic response.

Smell, pheromones, odorous substances discovered by Fabré, are essential to initiate sexual motivation in mammals. Thus, if a male mouse releases a few drops of urine with pheromones, any female in a nearby cage will initiate her heat cycle.

The possible influence of pheromonic substances on human excitability is not known with certainty, but at the cultural level the relationship of smells with sexuality is constantly being promoted

Apparently, the Egyptians had discovered that sweat contained aphrodisiac substances for humans, especially sweat of physically healthy and vigorous people.

The ear, The acoustic signals are also very significant. The human ear intervenes in a relevant way, not only based on what we are told at the time, but because of the erotic interest that a certain rhythm, tone, voice modulation, hearing whispers, etc. can arouse.

Taste The passionate kiss is a fundamental element of the female sexual response. There are various foods considered aphrodisiacs that increase temperature and heart rate, promoting an increase in sexual desire.

List of aphrodisiac foods:

  1. Chocolate: Although there are no studies that increase sexual desire as such. Its high concentrations of phenylethylamine raises endorphin levels in the body and increases the production of organ-related substance Dopamine.
  2. Coffee: Although it is not an aphrodisiac in the strict sense, as a stimulant it can promote an increase in sexual activity. A study shows that 62% who drank coffee considered themselves sexually active, compared to 38% who did not.
  3. Cinnamon: One of the best known afordisiacs. Among many of the properties, it has a high stimulating power in women.
  4. Honey: Hence, honeymoon is called a honeymoon. Rich in vitamin B, it raises testosterone levels in the blood.
  5. Oysters: Its high levels of Zinc lead to an increase in testosterone and estrogen levels.
  6. Licorice: Stimulates estrogens in women and black licorice increases blood flow to the penis.
  7. Oatmeal: Its high level of Zinc can increase testosterone levels.
  8. Peppers: They contain capsaicin that increases endorphin levels and therefore our sensations of pleasure.
  9. Tomate: Contiene Licopeina, un antioxidante poderoso potenciador de la líbido tanto en hombres como en mujeres.

Touch, Touch is the quintessential sense when initiating a sexual response. Very illustrative about the impact of touch on the emotions is the demonstration of how the customers of a supermarket better remembered the cashier if she touched them when returning the change.

How to train the senses?

  1. Cover your partner’s eyes so that each movement you make feels it with other senses. This will intensify the sensations.
  2. Cover your partner’s eyes and put food on his body, better if they are aphrodisiacs, you have a list of the most aphrodisiac foods in our blog that you will find the link under the information box. Let your partner go with his eyes covered, covering his body with kisses, catching those pieces of food. Once you have placed the food on your body, remember to cover your eyes as well.
  3. Use edible body paints and paint your body as if it were a painting. Then you can eat your drawing.

  Switch roles in later situations.