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Neurosexology with neurotechnology.
The most advanced and effective therapy for sexual dysfunctions.

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Increasingly there is a psychological factor associated with erection problems and ejaculation disorders, especially in young people.

In addition, it is usually an aggravating and perpetuating factor of the problem, even after the underlying cause has been resolved.

There are also psychological or neuropsychiatric pathologies that can show up for problems in the sexual sphere.

For all these reasons, it is very important in any problem in the sexual sphere, and especially in erectile dysfunction, to carry out a neuropsychological assessment that rules out underlying factors.

Our Neurosexology and couples therapy protocol allows us to diagnose the problem from the origin and address it in all its dimensions:

  • At the neurophysiological level
  • On a psychological level
  • At the couple level

We are a research center in applied neurotechnology in Sexual Medicine.

We have recently discovered the first independent Neurobiomarker of erectile dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, which opens up a diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic range, allowing us a targeted treatment with a very high rate of efficacy and a short duration.

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Neurosexology with Neurotechnology

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In Dr. Molina Sexual Health we have an international multidisciplinary research team, being at the forefront in Sexual Medicine, being pioneers in many diagnostic-therapeutic approaches and seeking the best solutions for Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction of neuropsychological origin, through the application of neurotechnology and use of biomarkers.

Among them, the detection of neurophysiological and cardiological biomarkers of Increased Sympathetic Activity, allowing treatment exclusively through neurotechnology and cardiac coherence training through Biofeedback to these patients, achieving a marked improvement in therapeutic results.

We have recently discovered a Neurobiomarker for Premature Ejaculation and for Erectile Dysfunction that allows objective and precise diagnosis of these two problems that are so prevalent in the male population, leaving behind the cause known as “psychogenic” as well as treating them through therapy with applied neurotechnology, obtaining excellent results and in a very short time, being pioneers worldwide in this type of treatment.

This novel and advanced diagnostic-therapeutic strategy allows us to be a benchmark in Sexual Medicine and Neurotechnological Sexology, and is applicable to other problems of sexual dysfunction such as decreased sexual appetite, anorgasmia, etc. allowing us to obtain an unprecedented rate of results and in less time.

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  • More effective results.
  • Results in less time.

When will I notice the effects?

It will depend on the underlying problem. As a general rule, after a few sessions you will begin to notice symptomatic improvement.

What does the procedure consist of?

The patient is evaluated by our team of neuropsychologists and undergoes a …

Who can benefit from this treatment?

  • Erectile dysfunction of psychological origin (in practice, almost all patients with erectile dysfunction,…

How many sessions are necessary?

All treatments are individualized, but are usually around 10-12 sessions, with 2 sessions per week being the most recommended.

How long do the effects last?

The effect is permanent, thanks to its neuromodulatory effect, so the changes produced are maintained over time.

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