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Local and ambulatory anesthesia

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Scrotoplasty is surgery that reshapes the skin of the scrotum. It can be done for different purposes:


  • Correct a webbed penis.
  • Mark penoscrotal angle to visually increase penis length.
  • Scrotal lifting: remove hanging and excess skin so that the bag is more collected, giving a more youthful appearance and / or reducing discomfort due to sagging.

It is an increasingly demanded procedure among the male population.

It is an increasingly demanded procedure among the male population.

The procedure is outpatient and will be performed under local anesthesia.


  • Improve genital visual appearance.
  • Visually improve penis length.

What does the procedure consist of?

After applying local anesthesia, the area of skin to be removed is drawn…

When can I lead a normal life?

In general, you can carry out your usual activities from the next day. Can…

Frequent questions

1 – Will the area get inflamed?

Usually no, but it is a…

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