Penis prosthesis

The definitive solution to erectile dysfunction.
Minimally invasive technique.
Satisfaction of more than 95% of our patients.

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The penile prosthesis is the definitive solution to erectile dysfunction problems that do not respond to other treatments.

It is also one of the most common treatments in patients who have undergone pelvic surgeries, such as bladder and prostate cancer, who fail to have erections.

Dr. Molina has extensive experience in the implantation of penile prostheses, both malleable and 3-component.


We also perform reimplantation surgeries (placement of a new penile prosthesis after a first previous placement with the need to remove it). In these cases the importance of the surgeon’s experience is even greater due to the greater complexity of the surgery, as it is not a virgin anatomy, due to a variable component of added fibrosis.


We have also developed an ambulatory surgical technique under local anesthesia to improve the Floppy Glans Syndrome and Supersonic Transporter Deformity and to improve the quality of relationships in patients who develop this problem after the implantation of a penile prosthesis.

protesis de pene Penis prosthesis

Which has benefits?

  • Spontaneous recovery of erections without the need for anything else.
  • Self-control of the duration of the erection.

Who is it for?

In general, it is aimed at those patients with erectile dysfunction who, after an exhaustive study…

How is it the procedure?

In our center we use the two brands of prostheses with the highest quality and safety on the market…

How is the postoperative and recovery?

  • Between 12 and 24 hours after the operation, patients are usually discharged.
  • At home, relative rest for the first 2 weeks.

What side effects can there be?

  • Local pain: it is usually mild and controlled by analgesics of daily use the first days.
  • Infection: The prostheses we use…

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