Frequent questions

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Will anyone know about my problem?

For us, confidentiality with the patient is a priority…

How much can my penis increase in length after enlargement surgery?

It depends on each patient and the technique used…

Will I have pain after lengthening surgery?

Postoperative pain is mild and is effectively controlled with any commonly used pain reliever.

Is XIAPEX treatment effective for my penis curvature?

For curvatures around 30º, treatment with Xiapex has shown promising results. …

Where is the clinic located?

Avd. Rey Juan Carlos l 12 – 46901 Torrent

Calle Callosa d`en Sarrià 12 – 46007 Valencia
Calle Abtao 7 – 28007 Madrid

How can I make an appointment?

Calling by phone at 648 089 262 from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 21:30…

What services does Valclinic Sexual Health offer?

Sexual Health Valclinic has a wide portfolio of services always in the hands of doctors and psychologists…

Does Valclinic Sexual Health have any guarantee for its patients?

Sexual Health Valclinic has a satisfaction guarantee for its patients…

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