Dr. Alejandro Molina Cabeza

Medical director

Collegiate number 080839647

doctorMolina Dr. Molina

Who is Doctor Molina? Why is he considered 1 of the 50 best-rated doctors and 1 of 15 the best Urologist in Spain?

The Dr. Molina Cabeza is a recognized specialist in Andrology, Sexual Medicine and Genital Aesthetic Surgery. He has more than 15 years of experience in the profession and extensive training in different areas of the specialty. Specifically, he is an expert in erectile dysfunctionpremature ejaculationpenis enlargementno-scalpel vasectomy e urinary incontinence, male genital aesthetics, among other treatments.

In the field of Sexual Medicine, Dr. Molina leads a multidisciplinary clinical and research team in erectile dysfunction of neuropsychological origin, through the application of neurotechnology. Recently, together with his team, he has discovered a Neurobiomarker for Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction that allows an objective and precise diagnosis of these two problems so prevalent in the male population, leaving behind the cause known as “psychogenic” as well as treating them. through applied neurotechnology therapy, obtaining excellent results in a very short time, being pioneers worldwide in this type of treatment. This novel and advanced diagnostic-therapeutic strategy is applicable in other problems of sexual dysfunction such as decreased sexual appetite, anorgasmia, etc. For erectile dysfunction of vascular origin, he performs state-of-the-art regenerative treatments such as the use of Growth Factors, Shock Waves and Carboxytherapy, using his own protocols and for resistant Premature Ejaculation, he is one of the few professionals who performs the novel and successful Minimally invasive surgery for Partial Neurotomy of the dorsal nerve of the penis.

Throughout his professional career, he has combined his care work with teaching, collaborating with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia. He has taken multiple specialized courses in his specialty to expand his training. Since 2011, he works as a urologist at the Dr. Peset University Hospital and is co-founder and medical director of Valclinic Sexual Health. In addition, Dr. Molina is a pioneer in performing circumcisions with techniques without points in the Valencian Community.