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What makes us different

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Treatments without surgery

Platelet rich plasma: PEYROPLASMA

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The most natural alternative to mild-moderate penile curvature (less than 60º).

No surgery, no length shortening, no side effects.

Ideal in those cases that also have erectile dysfunction.

Improvement and in cases correction of the curvature, the plaques and the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


3-5 sessions.
1 session every 6-8 weeks.


  • Minimally invasive.
  • High response rate.
  • No shortening in length.
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Intraplate injection with verapamil

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Minimally invasive alternative for the treatment of incruvations below 60º in patients who do not wish to undergo surgery.

Improvement in a high percentage of patients.

Can be combined with PRP.


1 – 2 cycles.
1 weekly session for 12 weeks per cycle.


  • Minimally invasive.
  • No shortening in length.

Shock waves

Shock waves are pressure waves that travel through a medium at the speed of sound.

In medicine, they have been used since 1980 for the fragmentation of kidney stones. Subsequently, multiple medical utilities have been developed

The shock waves used in erectile dysfunction are low energy, different from those used for stone fragmentation (high intensity).

The 2017 Action Guidelines of the European Association of Urology indicate that low-energy shock waves have very beneficial effects in patients with vascular erectile dysfunction and place it as a 1st-line treatment in patients with ED.

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Multiple studies have shown that shock waves promote the formation of new blood vessels and have a beneficial effect on blood circulation.

  • They increase the formation of stem cells (this type of cells can later differentiate and repair different tissues).
  • They stimulate the release of vascular growth factors which in turn increase blood vessel formation (neovascularization).
  • They exert a regenerative effect on the endothelium of the blood vessels and promote the release of nitric oxide-synthetase that activates the hemodynamic mechanisms (entry and storage of blood) that lead to the stiffness of the penis.
  • In patients with neurological and vascular injury, shock waves could improve both aspects by promoting the regeneration of nerves and blood vessels.


  • Improves Index of Erectile Function (IIEF)
  • Improves the hardness of the penis erection.

What does the procedure consist of?

The treatment consists of applying along the shaft of the penis and at the level of the perineum (roots of the bodies…

When will I notice the effects?

In general, from the first session you can already notice beneficial effects, but it is not until…

How many sessions are necessary?

As a general rule, 4 to 6 sessions are usually necessary (1 session per week)…

How long do the effects last?

The effects last about 1 year. It is advisable to repeat a new maintenance cycle…

Who can benefit from this treatment?

It is indicated in all men with erectile dysfunction of the degree that is of vascular origin…

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Treatments with surgery

Shaeer Rotation Surgery

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Innovative and successful technique for congenital (combo penis) and acquired penile curvature that allows correction with almost no shortening and preserving erectile function.

It preserves the neurovascular ones that maintain the erection.

The technique avoids the plications and grafts of conventional techniques by using a rotation of the corpora cavernosa that corrects the curve.

This rotation straightens the penis with minimal shortening (<1 cm).

We are one of the few centers nationwide that performs this technique.


Shaeer’s corpora cavernosa rotation is a surgical technique for the correction of severe degrees of curvatures


  • Correction with hardly any penis shortening.
  • Preservation of the erection mechanism.
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Combined 16-point incision / plication surgery

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Indicated for curves less than 60º and without associated deformities.



  • Lower recurrence rate.
  • Lower rate of erectile dysfunction.

Modified Nesbit plication surgery

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Indicated for curves less than 60º and without associated deformities.

It is more basic and older technique, but effective if it is well indicated for many cases.

It consists of placing stitches on the contralateral side to the curvature that apply the tissue to correct the curvature of the penis.

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Surgery with incision / excision of the plaque + mesh graft / collagen fleece

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Reserved for the most severe deformities (angles over 60º, “hourglass” indentations) or for short penises.


It consists of making some cuts on the plaque, or removing the plaque, all this while preserving the nerve bundles, and then placing a collagen-fibrinogen-thromibin mesh (Tachosil) to cover the defect created in the tunica albuginea.


It consists of making some cuts on the plaque, or removing the plaque, all this while preserving the nerve bundles, and then placing a collagen-fibrinogen-thromibin mesh (Tachosil) to cover the defect created in the tunica albuginea.


  • Curvature correction without penis shortening.
  • Less impact on erectile function than traditional techniques with other grafts.

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Satisfactory sexual health is an indicator of quality of life

Only 10% of people who have a sexual problem consult a specialist

Don’t be ashamed; we want to help you

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We are urologists, so we approach this type of procedure with a complete aesthetic and functional vision.

We are experts in male genitalia, with extensive experience in the field of genital surgery, using the latest techniques that offer the best results.

We offer total transparency and honesty, without false expectations.

We carry out an individualized study in each case to be able to advise you and offer you the most appropriate treatment to seek the best aesthetic result without loss of functionality (including the advice not to need surgery).

If you are interested, contact us, we will send you an explanatory document and we will clarify any doubts.

We work nationally and internationally. We manage your transfer and accommodation so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Request your first visit in our clinic or by videoconference, or if you wish you can do it through our contact e-mail.

We wait for you

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