Circumcision Sutureless

Less postoperative discomfort.
Faster regeneration.
Better aesthetic result.

circuncision Circumcision
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circuncision Circumcision

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin that covers the tip of the penis, called the foreskin.

For some families, circumcision is a religious ritual. The procedure can also be a matter of family tradition, personal hygiene, or preventive health care.

Circumcision in adults is becoming more common. Health problems such as Diabetes cause alterations in the vascularity of the foreskin, and due to an increased risk of balanitis (inflammation of the glans) and posthitis (inflammation of the foreskin), permanent atrophic changes occur in the foreskin that make it impossible or difficult to retract the foreskin. himself (phimosis).

There is also a personal preference, either for aesthetics or for sexual reasons, which is why circumcision is an increasingly demanded intervention.

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At Sexual Medicine Dr. Molina we are at the forefront of the most advanced and least invasive techniques applied to circumcision.

We are the first private center in Valencia to offer the TECHNIQUE WITHOUT SCALE AND WITHOUT POINTS.

We perform different techniques depending on the needs and preferences of our patients:

  1. SLEEVE technique: The traditional one with absorbable points.
  2. SURUTELESS STAPPLER technique: no scalpel and no stitches using a circular stapler.
  3. SUTURELESS GLUE technique: no dots using tissue glue.


sutureless Circumcision
sutureless Circumcision


  • Less surgical time.
  • Promotes faster recovery and healing.

What does the procedure consist of?

The circumference of the penis is measured to know which device …

When can I lead a normal life?

At the end of the intervention, you walk on your own. The next day…

Frequently asked questions

1 – It will hurt me?

No, once the anesthesia is applied …

In addition, we offer the possibility of performing a PREPUCIOPLASTY, instead of circumcision, in those candidate cases who present phimosis and wish to preserve the foreskin.

We are experts in performing adult circumcisions. We carry them out for all kinds of reasons; aesthetic, recurrent infections, personal, and as part of many of the treatments we perform in genital cosmetic surgery. We also have extensive experience in reoperations for previous circumcisions, either due to aesthetics or poor functional results.

If you have interest or doubts about this type of surgery, do not hesitate to contact us or request an appointment.


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