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Sexual Health Valclinic was born from the union of uroandrology
headed by Dr. Alejandro Molina and the
sexology and neurotherapy in the hands of Susana Ferrandis.

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Always on the vanguard

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Sexual Health Valclinic is a leading clinic in its sector that reinvents itself by integrating genital aesthetics and organic sexual problems together with psychological sexual disorders. This union in the sexual sphere has been the guarantee of success of our clinic.

We believe in the union of body and mind not only on a sexual level, but in all spheres of a person’s life, for this reason we have wanted to expand this vision to the union and integration of the health of physical well-being together with the health of well-being. mental.

In Valclinic Sexual Health we have developed unique protocols, both at the uroandrology level, through the best treatments for erectile dysfunction, the most avant-garde treatments and surgical techniques in genital aesthetics, as well as in the area of ​​sexology, in which we can say that We are the first center worldwide in the application of advanced neurotherapy through neurotechnology in sexual disorders, allowing the brain to be remodeled and solving root sexual problems with maximum efficiency and in the shortest time.

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Setting trends

At Valclinic Sexual Health we like to innovate and be able to offer our patients the best treatments.

We are leaders in sexual medicine.

We have revolutionized sexual medicine in the area of sexology, being the first and only to offer a new approach through advanced neurotechnology, allowing much more effective results than with other therapies and in a short time.

We are experts in erectile dysfunction, and we have developed exclusive protocols with the most advanced therapies to solve the root problem.

We offer the treatments that we believe offer the best results to adapt to the needs of our patients; and not that our patients adapt to our treatments.

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Specialized professionals

Team made up of 9 professional specialists. All of our professionals have high professional prestige and are specialized in their areas of activity, offering the most up-to-date, innovative and effective treatments and therapies, which allows us to provide better care for all our patients.

Our professionals analyze your case in a totally personalized way and establish a therapeutic action line completely adapted to your problems and needs, including a multidisciplinary approach if necessary.

All of our professionals follow the Valclinic philosophy: “treat each patient as if they were the only one in the clinic.”

Some of our professionals have been awarded prestigious European awards and have been featured in the media.

All this to be able to offer our patients the best.

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Our philosophy

Sexual Health Valclínic is a center dedicated to sexual health formed by a group of experts with experience in the different fields of sexual medicine.

Sexual Health Valclinic was not born with an expansionist commercial vision, but as a medical project where we prioritize health in the sexual sphere of each of our patients in a totally individualized way.

Our main objectives:
Personalized assistance
Latest cutting-edge treatments Satisfaction of our patients
Maximum confidentiality

Our motto:
“Treat each patient as if he were the only one”

The high level of satisfaction of the more than 15,000 patients who have been treated at our center endorse us as a trustworthy center.

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Satisfactory sexual health is an indicator of quality of life

Only 10% of people who have a sexual problem consult a specialist

Don’t be ashamed; we want to help you

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Our urologist Doctor Molina

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Urologist and Medical Director of Valclinic Sexual Health, Dr. Alejandro Molina has received the prestigious Top Doctors Awards…

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Doctoralia has selected our Doctor Alejandro Molina, as one of the 15 urologists in Spain with the best professional career and the best valued by patients.

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Dr. Molina belongs to the TopDoctors medical team, the medical team that only has the most internationally recognized specialists. Only 1 in 10 doctors accredits merit…

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Doctoralia awards the Certificate of Excellence to our Doctor Alejandro Molina, for being one of the doctors best valued by his patients.

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2017 The European Association for Economics and Competitiveness awards the Gold Medal for Merit at work to our Doctor Alejandro Molina for his prestigious professional career and to our clinic…

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Doctoralia once again rewards Dr. Molina with the Certificate of Excellence in 2017, an award that only 5% of the best valued professionals in Doctoralia obtain. This certificate acknowledges appreciation…


Dr. Alejandro Molina, pioneer in laparoscopic kidney extraction through the vagina (transvaginal Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy, NOTES technique) in the Valencian Community.

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«Each patient is a particular case, and for this reason, we want to advise you
and offer you the best possible treatment.»

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