Hair pulling, leather, her hands tied, his hands covering your mouth, ropes, pats on the butt, being with two people at the same time, having sex with a stranger … each person likes the sex of one way and excites you according to what things. And in this same line it can be said that each person has her creative sexual mentality.

Almost the entire population has or has ever had a sexual fantasy. It does not necessarily have to be with your partner, or having sex with another person. Sexual fantasies are reproduced in people’s minds when they enjoy their body in solitude, or when they do it together, or even while they dream awake or asleep. But this is where the confusion lies. There are people who think that they have never fantasized but yes, surely if you stop to think you will have done it, and that is very good!

Many people confuse desire and fantasy, but gentlemen, it is not the same. The fantasy is born and recreated in the mind without actually being realized in reality, the desire yes, there is an intention to culminate it.

Also, it’s funny but most people tend to have the same sexual fantasy over and over again.

Women tend to be more cautious about accepting that they are mentally sexual and creative.

But what sexual fantasies are the most common among women?

  1. Let others look at them during the act: there are many women who would like to do it in public areas where it is easy for them to see them. Their libido is triggered just thinking about the situation, and usually, they like to look at each other while having sex in mirrors.
  2. Being a “bad” / naughty girl: tired of being the good woman 24 hours a day, full of responsibilities and always like a superhero, getting to everything … at her most intimate moment is when she feels like being the “bad” girl and not fulfilling the rules established at that time.
  3. To be dominated: and in some cases the variable is to dominate and become a true dominatrix. This has a relationship with the power that each one has in her life. The more responsibilities in her life, the more orders, even in bed, they expect to receive. On the contrary, in the case of being the dominatrix it would be related to wanting to have more power in real life.

Fantasies nurture couple relationships, they also provide trust and fun. Be open-minded, let your imagination fly, relax and enjoy.