Self-esteem is acquired from childhood. Being constantly criticized by the people around us affects the vision we have of ourselves and the value we give ourselves.

Low self-esteem hurts us in any decision we make in life. Of course it also makes dating and even sexual relations difficult.

If you are constant in the following tips, you will get to feel better and progressively you will be less hard on yourself, so you will increase your self-esteem.

How to increase self-esteem?

  1. Assess your self-esteem – The first step of all would be to analyze whether you have a lot of negative thoughts about yourself. These negative aspects can be about a physical aspect, work, studies … If most of your inner voice is negative, it could be said that you have low self-esteem.
  2. Silence the negative voice and replace those negative feelings with positive ones.

For example:

        «I’m a jerk, I’m worthless, I couldn’t even get that job, I’ll never get it»

Change those thoughts to: «I have not succeeded, although I tried it was not enough, but I will continue trying because it is worth it and because I know that sooner or later I will achieve it»

  1. Set a goal. You must define a specific goal to follow. For example: I will be more permissive with myself, I will allow myself to be wrong, I will talk to myself as if I were a friend.
  2. List on a piece of paper your physical attributes that you like. Look in a mirror and give yourself time, without rushing to observe yourself. Remember that you don’t have to be perfect to be valuable and beautiful. Remember that nobody is perfect. Learn to accept yourself for who you are. Beauty also resides in imperfection.
  3. Avoid generalizations and especially comparisons.Beauty is subjective. You should try to avoid such thoughts and comments. You can admire a person but don’t compare yourself to them. When these thoughts appear, stop them. When you think of the following phrase, or similar, do the following exercise:

«What a beautiful girl, is more beautiful than me»

You must remove the middle of the sentence. Stay on “What a beautiful girl.” Admire the beauty of it, do not compare it to yourself. The beauty of a person does not detract from yours.

Avoid criticizing other people to feel better about yourself, it is a clear symptom of low self-esteem.

  1. Make time for yourself. Low self-esteem often comes from a lack of dedication to oneself. I know that sometimes the lack of time does not help, but it is important that you dedicate some time a week to yourself. To read that book that you like, do the sport that makes you feel good… ..
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. It would be convenient for the people around you closest to know about your effort to raise your self-esteem. That they avoid any type of criticism and that they try to stop you when you make negative comments about yourself
  3. Eat healthy and exercise as much as possible. If you are consistent, it will make you feel much better emotionally and physically.
  4. Start a routine to take care of your skin, or hair, or buy that dress that you want so much.
  5. Start a routine to take care of your skin, or hair, or buy that dress that you want so much.

Consistent low self-esteem could be a symptom of depression. Go to a specialist to help you gain confidence in yourself and make you see everything you are capable of and how far you are capable of going as soon as you realize how much you are worth.

Remember: pamper yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself, because there is no one like you.